The influx of tourists to Ulytau has doubled in two years
Restorers in cities are renovating and strengthening old buildings, museums are transporting everything to their indoor premises. Before history, highways are laid, tickets are printed for visitors. Everything is convenient, interesting, but not entirely real.
In protected national parks, history can be experienced in 8D format: three-dimensional images, natural taste, the feeling of the touch of the wind, the taste of national dishes, the sounds of life, the emotions of traditional rituals.
The festival of national traditions “Koumiss” enchanted with a kaleidoscope of sensations.
We came with our whole family and found a completely unfamiliar world. Even children in swings sat not on a board, but rather on three ropes. The unity of life between the nomad and the horse left a huge impression: movement, food, entertainment, art.
A yurt is a house in which there is not a single corner - there are no “corners” between the people in it. Locals wait with a smile to see what the guest’s facial expression will be after the first sip of kumiss, and then take care of the stomach and warn not to exaggerate. Surprisingly, however, there is no feeling that you are from far away. And the plane flies eight hours to meet people who say: “You know, I was recently in your country by the sea.”
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