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Galiya Shauketovna Faizullina

Museologist, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Tourism and Service, TURAN University (Almaty)

Since 1999 she has extensive experience in museums in Kazakhstan.

2014–15 — Project Manager at the Public Fund «Almadeniet» (projects — International Cultural Forum, United Museum Forum, Night of Museums-Almaty, etc.). Author of about 130 publications in scientific and popular science publications on museum affairs, incl. collection of articles «Contemporary Museum in Kazakhstan: Questions, Facts, Opinions» (Saarbrucken, 2012, et al.).

Since 2017, she has been teaching at the Turan University and the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. In 2019-2020, she taught the course «Problems of Preservation and Museumification of Intangible Cultural Heritage» at the doctorate of KazNU.

She is the head of the research project «Historical and cultural heritage as a resource for the development of the hospitality industry in Kazakhstan» 2019-2022.

Baktiyar Kozhakhmetov

Baktiyar Kozhakhmetov is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Travelers of Russia, an honorary member of the Presidium of the Union of Kipchaks of Hungary, a member of the Center for Peace Citizens. Representative of the National Geographic Society «QazaqGeography». The author and leader of the ethnological camel expedition «Otyrar-Ulytau» (1991, length: 1200 km.) and Altai-Danube international expedition (1999-2005, length: 6000 km.) The initiator and organizer of the inclusion of the nomination «Traditional spring ceremonies of Kazakh horse breeders» in the UNESCO World List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2018). Initiator of construction visit center in Ulytau village (2019). Author of the photo albums Ulytau, Biiktin Belgisi, books “Hungary through the eyes of the Altai-Danube”, “Copper Way”, co-author of the photo album “Sacred Ulytau”, “Man and Nature”, and “Bulanty Battle”. He was awarded letters of thanks of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, mayors of the region and city. According to the results of 2000 — “The Best Museum Worker of the Year”, he was awarded the golden sign “10 Years of Independence” and has several anniversary medals. In 2015, he was awarded the title «Médeniyet Salasynyk үzdіgi». He is a knight of the order «Qurmet».

Turganbek Allaniyazov

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Author of over 70 scientific works, including 23 monographs on the history, historiography and methodology of military affairs of the nomads of Kazakhstan, the history of armed uprisings and insurgency movements during the collectivization period in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, the history of prisoner of war camps and special camps of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Karaganda region and the Russian Federation, political history of Zhezkazgan.

Kaniya Tursinbayeva

airman of the Public Association «Damu-Ulytau»

Member of the Council for Interaction with NGOs under the Akimat of the Karaganda Region

PhD in Geography

Associate Professor of Geography

Corresponding Member of the International Academy «Ecology»

Corresponding Member of the International Academy CONCORD

Shaigozova Zhanerke

Methodist, Cultural studies, Professor

Born in 1973 in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.

Lives and works in Almaty.

In 1996 graduated from the Baikonurov O. A. Zhezkazgan State University in the Faculty of Art and Graphics.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor.

Member of the Kazakhstan Union of Artists.

Member of the safe guardian intangible cultural national heritage of Kazakhstan national Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan on UNESCO and ISESCO issues.


The Republic of Kazakhstan
Karaganda region


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